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I'm drinking alcohol during pregnancy: how it will affect my baby

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So, my first questions are: what did they drink, and how much?!? Drinking the occasional glass of wine, even one every few days, after your first trimester, has not shown NO ramifications. Anytime there's drinking of liquor, especially in excess, obviously that can create problems. Babies in utero feel what you do, multiplied. If you're buzzed, they're very buzzed/drunk. It's all about responsibility. That carries on after the baby is born...


My aunt drank while pregnant with my cousin and he was born with only one lung. They are not sure if the two lungs fused in embryo or if one just didn't not develop, but they did not find out for years after he was born. He can never do strenuous sports, scuba dive, or many other things.

I also have a friend who drank during pregnancy and her child had to have over 10 surgeries before he was three to repair different organs.

It is not worth it with the risks that come with drinking.


It can harm the baby so much. A cousin of mine drank during her pregnancy and her baby had fetal alcohol syndrome and she lost custody of the baby when she was born. I think that it's seriously dumb to drink during pregnancy.

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I'm drinking alcohol during pregnancy: how it will affect my baby
04/01/17Moment of the day
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