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Ideas for meaningful baby shower gift

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My mother likes to do a laundry basket full of all the essentials and some clothing. I truly like this idea because you can find neat little things to put in there, plus they get an extra laundry basket because of the extra clothes needed to be washed (and you can use it for storage). A friend of mine made me a diaper cake. It will take too long to explain so I will post a pic below. I had a jungle themed one since that was the theme of his nursery. She stuck pacies, rattles, a blankets, and a stuffed animal into it. It was really neat.
Another friend of asked for all gift cards. I liked that idea, too, because it can help out with diapers when needed.


One of my co-workers was given a baby shower over the weekend and told me that the invites requested that guests bring a children's book with the gift instead of a card. I find that to be a wonderful idea! You can never have too many books for the little ones!

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Ideas for meaningful baby shower gift
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