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Teen moms - do you wish you waited?

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Not at all. I've never imagined I'd be a teen mother but not that I am I can't imagine not being one. I grew up faster than I ever had and took responsibility, just the love and joy alone she gives me keeps me going from day to day.


I love my children so much! I've always wanted to be a teen mom since I can remember. I knew it would be hard but its so worth it. I don't feel like I was giving anything up because before them I didn't even want to live now I cant imagine anything else.


No, if it weren't for my daughter I would probably be dead. I turned my life around and grew up faster than anyone I know


.i got t pregnant at a very young age 16..i was very scared i had a little brother and sisters so i thought its not as hard as ppl make it seem,but i was totally wrong..when i had my first kid the things start to be real.you are no longer by your self you are no longer a TEEN you are PARENT..please TEEN girls protect your self and enjoy your teenage you will have lots of time to think about been a MOM....

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Teen moms - do you wish you waited?
09/27/17Moment of the day
Wow Have times have changes there not my lil babies anymore! Love yall !!
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