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How to bring on labor

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Nipple stimulation...my husband, when he heard about this, was all about giving it a try. Silly husband! This is said to work because when you stimulate your nipples, it triggers the release of Oxytocin. Oxytocin is what is released during labor to start contractions. Ideally you want to stimulate your nipples for about 5 minutes or until contractions start. You could use a breast pump, if that would be easier.

Labor inducing foods...I have to say, this was my favorite one to try! One of the foods is pineapple because it has bromelain and bromelain may induce labor. Spicy foods were another. I was eating Chinese food as spicy as you can get it! They also say that foods with oregano, basil or ginger can induce labor.

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How to bring on labor
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