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Diaper rash and teething, is there a correlation?

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I believe they are not related. The diaper rash may come about due to diarrhea associated with teething. The constant wiping will cause an irritation, at times. This is why you may see it when your child teethes.
For the diaper rash, I have found either A&D ointment or Vaseline works wonders, better than other brands.


Walk mart brand desitin always does the trick for my son. Love it! I highly recommend it


I don't think there's a correlation with diaper rash and teething. The only time she had a rash was when we tried different diapers, the cheap ones irritated her skin. My daughter has been teething since 3 months and got her first set at 6 months, she now has a total of 8 and more coming in. She has no rashes at all.
If you breastfeed and your child gets a rash put some breastmilk on it. A & D ointment works well also coconut oil is very soothing for dry skin too.


We use A&D. She gets diaper rash before teething and then before a cold and sometimes during a cold. It works well for us and much better than Desitin.

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Diaper rash and teething, is there a correlation?
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