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Symptoms of infant leukemia

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Between the dates of the June 7th and June 9th we had been to the hospital already 2 times because of REALLY high fevers and what they said was just an ear infection..

He wasn't peeing, pooping, eating, or drinking and I just had this gut feeling we needed to get him to the ER again really soon

We got to LCH and went into the ER they took us back in to room 8 I remember lots of different doctors and nurses coming in and finally they told us that they were going to keep Zeke over night so he could be observed because he was obviously dehydrated and they needed to rehydrate him and figure out why his fever of upwards of 105.4

I remember him looking at us with empathy and sorrow and say to us I hate to be the one to tell you, but Zeke does have leukemia.

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Symptoms of infant leukemia
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