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Difference between nanny and babysitter

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A nanny is someone who cares for the child full-time while both parents work or do other thins. It's a nanny's responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth in the children they care for. Most nannies will be tasked with preparing meals, helping with household work (dishes, laundry, etc.), driving the children to and from activities and assisting with homework. Some nannies are live-in as well. Typically, nannies have more responsibilities and duties than a babysitter does (and, because of that, a bigger salary). In addition to basic safety classes, they may have had advanced child care training or many years of nanny experience. Often, nannies earn a weekly salary (based on hourly expectations), have taxes deducted from their paychecks and work year-round for a family. It's expected that nannies receive at least two weeks of paid vacation and earn holiday pay as well. Nannies often become apart of the family.

Generally, babysitters care for children of any age who are in need of supervision for a few short hours. Most sitters will work either by specific occasion or on a regular schedule (after-school babysitters, date night babysitters and weekend babysitters are common). Their main tasks are watching the kids, playing with them and maybe putting them to bed. Many babysitters are trained in basic skills like CPR and first aid. They usually work for hourly rates, but may be paid extra if they agree to handle additional services such as cooking, tutoring and light housekeeping.


To me.. There is a big difference.. A nanny is typically someone who takes care of the kids or baby all day long. They know their ins and outs.. Everything becomes routine and they care for the baby just like a parent would.. Taking them to the park, swim lessons, etc.. A babysitter is simply someone you trust to watch your child for a few token hours.. They would either feed them or play with them.. Perhaps put to bed.. But nothing too involved or for very long.


I personally think of a nanny as someone who works to take care of your child full time or close to full time. They take care of them while you work and have more responsibilities in the house.

I think of a babysitter as someone who babysits on a more as needed basis. We have babysitters and they are mostly friends of the family. They watch Eliana and play with her, but I would never ask them to clean or help around the house. They are mostly used for date nights.

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Difference between nanny and babysitter
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