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How to help infants with dry skin?

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I see a lot of kids with dry skin and reddish on the face. We have been following the instructions our pediatrician gave us. Our kid has perfect and adorable skin most of time. I would love to share the instructions and hope it helpful:

1. Do bathing everyday for the kid over 10 minutes. Bathing not shower. Let him immerse in the water 10 minutes or so. This way the skin gets hydrated naturally.

2. Apply aquaphor on daily basis both on face and body for dry area:


Someone people don’t like aquaphor as it feel very oily and heavy. I didn’t like it either at the beginning. After our pediatrician explains that aquaphor has less ingredients comparing others and may have less side effect, I started to use it. It works perfectly.

3. When there are rashes, use 1 percent Hydrocortisone cream three times a day. Apply aquaphor on top of hydrocortisone as it can protect the medicine and make it work better:


If the kids skin gets dry or if they have a diaper rash we use coconut oil. Sometimes we will mix a drop or two of another essential oil in it.

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How to help infants with dry skin?
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