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Best way to treat infant eczema?

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eczema is often associated with a milk or gluten sensitivity. These sensitivities will NOT appear on a normal allergy test and often your doctor will tell you it is not a true allergy or sensitivity. But removing all dairy from your child's life is often the first step in clearing up eczema. Additionally yeast overgrowth is a contributing factor. If your child is old enough to swallow pills there are tons of ways to kill yeast, unfortunately if they are younger it is harder as many of the yeast killing supplements do not taste good. But giving your child a good gluten free, casein free probiotic can help as it helps control yeast. Finally using lavender oil and Young living Melrose oil mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil (which is also a yeast killer) and applying it to the area can be a really good remedy.

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Best way to treat infant eczema?
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