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What is your infants nap routine?

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Ah napping.. some love it, some resist it ;) Rest assured, if they resist napping it might just mean they are amazing night time sleepers.. or so I hope for your sake ;)

Anyways.. I just got done with Monroe's 6 month check up last week and I was rather surprised to hear his doc say that his nap routine should still mimic his tiny baby routine, actually, that if he still wasn't on a good "nap schedule" that I really shouldn't worry. I think sometimes I think Monroe is so much older than he is.. goodness, he's still only 6 months - I need to stop thinking he needs to be somewhere where he isn't yet.. anyways, the doc said he probably sleeps here and there, getting tired spells, napping and waking, but not completely the same every day.. bingo! It made me feel so much better.. He used to nap between each feeding.. meaning I knew he would dose off before the next one. Now that he is older, sometimes he skips one in between.. which makes it hard.. but then it also means he typically gears up for a more epic nap after the next feeding - hooray!

I will admit that he is SLOWLY getting into a routine, I am trying to keep track of the approx. hour he gets fussy for a nap.. and it's becoming a pattern.. but until it's clockwork.. it's just how life is now :)

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What is your infants nap routine?
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