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Tips for introducing bottle to baby

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If your breastfeeding and want the baby to learn to drink from a bottle . Just get a nipple guard and use that when its feeding time.It gets the baby use to the plastic nipple they will be using when drinking from the bottle. I do bottle feeding because my baby didn't take to the boob very easy. He would just get mad at them for not making enough food. But we did use the guard at the hospital then he took to the bottle


I have heard it's better for someone other than the mother to introduce the bottle.


I purchased various types of bottles with different nipples so he wouldn't be used to just one kind. I purchased a sippy cup that has nipples for all stages and introduced it at five months so when he needs to transition to a toddler cup (which this cup does), I will not have a battle on my hands.

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Tips for introducing bottle to baby
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