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Discipline for a toddler: how about spanking?

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Only when needed! All I really have to do with my daughter is count to 5 and she immediately stops what she is doing


Well my kids are special needs so I use time-outs, behavior charts and taking toys away. And only this if necessary. It's hard to discipline special needs children. But my sister spanks her 7 year old and has a 8 1\2 month old when she spanks the 7 year old and will the 8 1\2 mo the old when she turns 2. I think it's OK to spank kids, just not special needs children. But my sisters child has ADHD and ocd, so I disagree with her.


We only spank when it's absolutely needed. It usually happens if James does something he knows he gets majorly in trouble for and still does it. Like grabbing stuff off the counter in the kitchen. I caught him running around with scissors the other day and he got spanked for it.


I'm against it too. I was abused as a child and can't even stand children being flicked.


I'm against it. My father spanked me a lot. As a result of this, I distanced myself from him. I felt unloved and stressed out constantly. He spanked my brothers which made them violent. My son is autistic. I never raised my hand to him, I had many different methods. I don't condemn those who spank. I just feel it is something to use caution with.


I definitely believe in spanking...it's worked for each of my children...they each know what's coming when the panties come down...I make sure not to spank too hard but enough to know that once they're pulled up they still feel it!


I was rarely spanked as a child, and I did not resort to violence over it. Too many new studies are surfacing saying, "Don't do this," or "Don't do that." I, honestly, do not believe there is such a thing as a "parenting expert" because no one is an expert in parenting, being that each child is different and behaves differently.

Furthermore, I was physically abused as a child by my father and step-father, so I am fully aware of the difference between a spanking and a beating. Spanking is NOT violent. A light tap on the rear end is often needed if all else fails it getting your child under control.

NEVER allow another parent to tell you that you are being violent or that you are a bad parent because you choose to spank. It is wrong to even tell someone that, unless they are physically abusing the child or spanking out of anger. I am so fed up with others telling others how to raise their children because they believe they are the perfect parent or they raise perfect children. Every parent is different, every parenting style is different, and every child is different. We truly need to quit judging one another.


It really depends a lot on the child, With my oldest we tried everything, and nothing worked. Finally I got so frustrated that I decided it was time to try spanking. What I do first is ask him to do something (or not do something). If he continues to ignore me I start counting once I get to 3 if he still has not done what I asked I spank him. After about 4 times of being very serious and determined about when I get to 3 and then spanking, I usually only have to start counting (usually just have to say 1) he jumps up and does what he has been asked. Very rarely do I have to spank him anymore.


I think spanking is fine when all other routes have been exhausted. For example, my 2 year old, bites, pinches, kicks and regularly hurts people for what seems like no reason at all. I have tried re-directing, taking things away, time outs and the only thing that has gotten him to calm down with it all is when we retaliate with the same action. He bites us, we bite him. It has gotten to the point now where all we have to do is ask "Do you want mommy to bite you? Then don't bite mommy" and he stops.

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Discipline for a toddler: how about spanking?
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