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Intercourse during pregnancy positions

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This might be TMI but anyways since i'm still in the early stage of my pregnancy we do it with me on top. We will have to try out different position later on...in the pregnancy ;)


My tummy wasn't really noticeably in the way until about 6 months along, so aside from some hip and back pain, we were able to continue whatever positions we were already doing. After the pains got worse and he started to worry about putting too much pressure on the baby, we switched to the spooning position and pretty much stayed that way until the end. Being on my side took some pressure off of my back, kept me off my belly and was still pleasurable for both of us


The best sex intercourse during pregnancy is laying down on your side. If you want to do doggy style, please do it slow so your private area won't be sore.

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Intercourse during pregnancy positions
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