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Itchy skin during pregnancy: causes

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Not only was my pregnancy complicated and high risk , I think the strangest ailment I experienced was PUPPPs (Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy), which was a very annoying but harmless pregnancy induced itchy rash in my third trimester. It spread all over my stomach, arms and legs.

I could not stop scratching! Thankfully, one of my girlfriends is a dermatologist and she immediately knew what I was going through. I tried using some Cortaid cream and when that didn't work, my OB had to prescribe a stronger steroid cream.


Around week 5, I broke out in hives. Itchy itchy hives. My healthcare professionals initially thought that it was due to something I ate, but as time progressed and the hives continued, they decided it was due to my pregnancy and prescribed that I take an OTC allergy medication (I chose Zyrtec's generic). The hives disappeared, thank goodness, leading me to believe that I'm a little allergic to being pregnant.

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Itchy skin during pregnancy: causes
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