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Moms, what would we normally find you doing at home

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Chasing a toddler, cleaning, cooking, baking; playing, reading, or watching a movie with my son.


Reading the Economist, and watching a little TV, I can be OC about the house so I try to let go and let be from time to time, we live in a wooded area and I love the outdoors as well when the kids are home we play lots of board games and I am always giving my hubby massages...


Cleaning, cooking, playing or dancing with my son, working at my actual paying job, couponing, or building my melaleuca from home business


Looking for work from home jobs that are not scams, playing with James with his Lego's, doing dishes or working on school work.


Working....with at least one of the twins on my lap. Probably yelling answers to my 12yr old sons questions (he is homeschooled), and trying to come up with new ways to clean the house while not having any available arms :)


Wake up, grab cup of coffee. Get three kids ready for school well push them to get their own selves ready ;)

Sit at my desk and start work from home.

Then dinner, bedtime and my feet go up on recliner.


homeschooling, cleaning, reading, watching tv in that order lol

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Moms, what would we normally find you doing at home
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