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Itching in pregnancy: causes and ways to ease

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I developed PUPPS when I was 20 weeks with this pregnancy. My OB told me there was NOTHING that could be done. Anyone who has had poison ivy rash can attest to the itching in PUPPS. It is relentless. I have a friend who had it with her pregnancy. Dandelion root was recommended by her midwife. It was completely cleared up within three weeks. I was so thankful, I serious thought I was going to be stuck inside my house for the remainder of my pregnancy. I looked like a leper.


Why do our bellies itch during pregnancy? It's because our skin is stretching and the stretching causes the skin to dry out more, losing moisture.

I kept my belly well moisturized with Palmer's Stretch Mark lotion, Vitamin E lotion, and Cocoa Butter. Out of all of those, Palmer's seemed to keep the stretch marks at bay and my belly itched less. You need to find a cream or lotion that works best for you and keep that itchy belly well moisturized throughout the day because itching it will only make it itch more.


Itching in pregnancy can be normal . Your skin stretches through your pregnancy and it seemed the more it stretched the more itchy I got !! I made sure to use lots of lotion to help my skin not be dry because that can make it worse . Coco butter would be good also . Oatmeal baths are great for itchy skin as well as other oatmeal based products .

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Itching in pregnancy: causes and ways to ease
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