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Birthing large babies: Labor and delivery

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I birthed five babies in the nine pound range:

9 lb 6 oz
9 lb 3 oz
9 lb 8 oz
9 lb 6 or 9 lb 8 oz - drawing a blank on that one!
9 lb 10 oz

Of course my first was my most difficult, then came my last child whose labor was slow and stop and go.

After giving birth to three of them in the hospital, I have to say that delivery them on my knees at the side of my bed was so much better. Gravity helped pull baby down and out compared to be prone in a hospital bed. Though #3 and #4 were pretty decent hospital births, thanks to how fast #3 came and my OB letting me do whatever I wanted, besides giving birth out of the bed (I didn't think or know it was easier at the time.)

Usually I focused on something else, with my home births I focused on rubbing my cold cloth over my forehead and just thought about the contractions bringing baby down and out. When I started to get grunty or pushy I would just go with it. I didn't have any issues delivering my big babies. I had minimal tearing and all was good.

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Birthing large babies: Labor and delivery
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