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Late potty training: parent's fault?

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Not at all! Potty training is one of those time when your child will do it when they are ready. I found the best way to make potty training less stressful is to show them a few times and check their interest. If they are not showing interest, let them be. Once they begin to show interest, keep asking them if they have to go to the potty. With the no pressure my daughter ended up learning faster and it was less stressful for the both of us!


Absolutely not. I am a firm believer that we need to potty train our kids when THEY are ready. If you try to do it sooner, all you are doing is setting things back unnecessarily.

I let my son lead the way for when he was ready to potty train. It wored out perfectly. In one week he was day time and night time trained with ZERO accidents!


I've been a stay at home mom for 6 years, I've found that you should potty train when THE CHILD is ready. It makes it so much easier on everyone. Some kids take longer to be ready, and that's ok. My four year old son is Autistic and still wearing pullups around the clock. We're working on potty training, but at a very slow pace. He gets overwhelmed with the bathroom easily, and when he does he refuses to use it!

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Late potty training: parent's fault?
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