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Why do toddlers say: “Mom, I do not love you"

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My nieces and nephews would say that only when they were angry because they did not get their way. I know they never meant it, but it still stung my heart. I would start replying, "Well, I am sorry you feel that way, but I love you." I did this because they would also want a reaction from me. When they did not get one, they usually stopped. It even works on older children because they will say it, too.


they say it because they dont get what they want right in the spot and think that by saying that they will hurt us and we will give in to there request! i think we all had say it to our parents not to there face but in ur mind!

my son haven't said this to me but the day he do i think i will tell him " is ok not to love me right about now but you will soon see that what i do and say is because my love to you is more than anything you can think about"


They cant get their way with you or get to do what they want to so they say those words to hurt your feelings so you will give in but pay no attention to that; it goes to show that you are doing something right and welcome to the world of motherhood. I got so much from my 5 years old daughter and it is like nothing to me these days, i just ignore her as the theropist says and she will come around and say she's sorry for behaving badly.


My daughter does not say it often. not like she used to. She used to say it more for the reaction. She was always used to saying I love you too, I'm sure she just wanted to see what would happen if she said she didn't love me. The first two or three times she said it, I didn't really say anything to her about it. But part of toddlers growing is learning action and reaction. After a few times, I started pretending to be sad and kind of cry when she said it to me. She would get sad too and say she's sorry. In the real world, when you say something harsh to someone, it won't always be ignored. People will react and she'll have to learn that sometimes what you say hurts people's feelings. I don't ever want her to use the word hate or say mean things to anyone because we don't know how deep that cuts certain people. It's better to not take the chance and make sure she knows to only say nice things to people and if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't talk.

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if you are going through this try not to be upset by it, just know that your little one does not realize or understand his/her own emotions just yet, and it is all a learning curve for them and they are just figuring out their own emotions and their reactions to various situations. If you can find out why they are upset validate their emotions and show them an alternative to expressing that emotion.

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My opinion that toddlers know how strong those words are.They are using these words to try and get what they want. Some little kids say things they don't really mean deep down inside. Take it from someone living with a four-year-old. Small children have very basic emotions, so instead of saying "Mom, I don't like that you punish me/deny me something I want", he/she says "Mom, I don't love you".

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My son is currently 9 years old.when he was eight, he got really upset with me for taking his DS game away from him and he shouted «I hate you.  I wish you were dead».  After the words left his mouth, he actually looked shocked that he said them.  While it was a little disturbing that he said that to me, I knew he didn't mean it.  He was angry and is still learning to control his emotions.

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Why do toddlers say: “Mom, I do not love you"
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