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Light period when pregnant: is it normal?

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If you don't see any blood and you don't have cramping worse than your period you should be fine. Very light cramping is normal because of the baby still implanting on your wall. So light cramping is normal but if you feel worried and scared call ur Dr


when I was pregnant with my first my initial LMS was September 28,2012 well come February 2013 when I had my ultrasound they said I was almost 2 weeks early then the date I had given them. I had to have at least conceived by September 19, 2012. I can't remember what the period was like by somehow my husband remembers that I had mentioned to him that it was late and light so I am guessing it was just implantation bleeding.


I found I was pregnant at 3 weeks and had light bleeding they told me not to have any sex til my next visit i know my mom had her period her whole pregnancy with me so t is possible to have a normal period

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Light period when pregnant: is it normal?
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