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Little spotting during first trimester:normal?

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I was spotting last week and I'm in my first trimester and I freaked out because this is my first pregnancy and I don't know anything ha, but I called my doctor and he said it was normal as well.


A little spotting is common early in pregnancy. And while it is worrisome, it usually isn't anything serious.

I had a little spotting with my newest baby and I was really worried because I was 37 and under a lot of stress. My doctor checked my cervix the next morning and everything was fine.


A few days later (I continued spotting for about 5 days), I went in to see the doctor. I was preparing to hear the terrible news...Nothing was wrong, it was just old blood.

So, a little spotting during your first trimester can be completely normal. Always call the doctor, though, just in case.

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Little spotting during first trimester:normal?
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