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Lonely during travel: military wives and more

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For the last two years, my husband has traveled pretty much every single Monday through Friday for work.

No matter how hard it was on me or how much I missed my husband (because believe me, I do!), I take a very matter of fact attitude with the kids and because of that, they are relatively OK with him being gone.

And finally, the last thing we do is make sure we Facetime with their dad as much as possible. Not only do they think it is fun, but it is good for them to see him while hearing his voice.


I write military childrens books and my books focus on deployments and geographical locations to help the children learn where they will be moving next or where their parent will be deploying to. This helps the children feel closer to their parent while they are deployed and it especially helps to learn about a place before they relocate to it.


I actually found it more challenging when he came BACK.. My husband would travel four days out of every week.. and I was just in the zone, doing it all alone and I had it.. and it was more difficult for me to LET him back IN.

In hindsight.. it made our marriage stronger for some time... I missed him and was so glad when he was back.

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Lonely during travel: military wives and more
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