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Lonely parents: how to cope when your spouse travels

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Since my husband travels the majority of the month, we hire someone to do the grass. Every other chore in the house is taking care of by me. However, a couple weeks ago I told my husband that this is OUR house, OUR family, OUR responsibility and when he is home and he sees something that needs to be done (dusting, vacuuming, dishes) then I expect him to help out with those responsibilities.


I am a single mom so I don't really have a spouse that travels. Some great ideas are:

Find a hobby that you only do when he is away. Maybe scrapbook or paint.

Watch all the movies he hates, listen to the music he can't stand.

Use forms of communication like Skype and Facetime and text to stay connected.

Hang out on Moms.com and talk to other awesome moms!

Know that it is only temporary and that you will be together soon.

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Lonely parents: how to cope when your spouse travels
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