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Ways to get Infants sleep through the night?

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1. Don't skip naps

2. Pay attention to child's sleep window

3. Put your child to bed drowsy, but awake

4.Start teaching your child to sleep when he/she is an infant

5. Once your child reaches 6 months old, encourage an attachment to a blankie or stuffed animal

6.. Don't transition your child from two to one daytime nap until he/she is sleeping through the night

7. Don't move your child from the crib to his/her bed before the age of 2

8. Install room darkening shades if your child awakes early, a white noise machine or fan if you live in a noisy home or neighborhood

9. if you have a new baby on the way, move your older child from the crib to the bed two months before or four months after the baby comes, to avoid feelings of displacement

10.Consistency is key. Sleep is a learned skill and remember, kids don't learn overnight.

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Ways to get Infants sleep through the night?
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