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When to introduce baby cereal

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JJ has never really eaten baby food. When she was with her granny, they'd give her candy and real food. Around 4 months she was eating licorice which upset me because she's a baby. I'd say anywhere from 4-6 months is a good time to introduce baby cereal.


You can introduce solids any time between 4 and 6 months if your baby is ready. Watch for signs: Good head control, a growing appetite, and interest in what you're eating are all indications that your baby is ready to try solids. Start simple: Try baby cereal mixed with formula or breast milk.


I've read that oatmeal cereal is easily digested than the rice cereal, although for a baby so little Keep in mind, that breast milk or formula provides everything your baby needs until they are 4 to 6 months old. Introducing cereal earlier than that puts them at a higher risk for allergies.


My daughter is on a 25-30oz goal daily. She is now 8 months old, but this has been her norm since 4 months when we introduced cereal and baby food

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When to introduce baby cereal
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