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Is baby formula bad for baby's health

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Formula for baby is no different than shopping for big people food for your children. Read labels. Research and choose the formula option that you feel is best for your baby and what you want to have your baby intake for their formula ingredients. I am a firm believer that breastmilk is best for a baby, however, that doesn't mean formula is going to be bad for your baby's health. It's made with baby's health in mind!


I think both breastfeeding and formula should be equally encouraged.

I thought that if I switched to formula I would be judged and people would make me feel like a bad mother. So I guess I'm against it. I think both should be accepted equally. I don't like how people are trying to get back to "Nature's Roots" type thing lately, of "This is the natural way, so it's how we -should- do everything"

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Is baby formula bad for baby's health
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