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Maternity fitness tips

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During pregnancy you don't want to overdue it with working out but you don't want to not absolutely do nothing. I would highly recommend walking for a good workout during pregnancy. Walking is safe and it can serve as a way to get a good workout. Getting out in the early mornings or the late evening for a 30 minute walk is a good idea for a great workout. Also if the weather is not good walking around the mall or some recreation centers have indoor tracks so you don't have to worry about it getting too hot or too cold. Also if you like lifting weights I only lifted 5-10 pounds during pregnancy. Staying active during pregnancy helps not to gain more weight than you should, and may make labor and delivery easier on you.


I know that being a Mom will be number 1 on my chart come February.. but my husband and I both sit down a lot and talk about the value that exercise and feeling good brings to EVERYTHING. If I take a week off working out.. I am more irritable, grumpier.. I can really tell.Luckily.. the barre classes I take have childcare.. so that one hour would mean I am only a skip away from them.


i do believe that fitness would def play a part in a great pregnancy and delivery. I do have to say that exercising during pregnancy made me feel wonderful and uplifted. Just rising early to take a walk around the block would kick start my day!


didn't exercise but I WALKED. And I mean I walked all the time probley a couple hours a day. My my and husband hated it cause they'd work all day(in a warehouse where they had to walk all day)then I'd make them come home and walk with me :). They say it makes labor and delievery easier. And both mine were easy so maybe that's why.

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Maternity fitness tips
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