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Teaching kids to deal with mean kids

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We deal with this with my 10 year old the kids in her class call her names and it really hurts her best thing I tell her is to try and ignore it and tell the teacher but sometimes that doesn't help & I remind her that sometimes the reason kids are bullies is because they have problems at home and they are being bullied too and that the only way they know how to deal with it by putting others down so they feel better. I tell her that she should pray for those who pick on her and to be kind to them.


It's hard to help your child learn how to deal with mean kids. I've told mine that it has nothing to do with them, that the mean kid is just not a nice person.

I remember Mini had a problem with one girl in particular who liked to pick at everything about her. Clothes,shoes, hair... and there was nothing about Mini that stood out as she was wearing the same stuff as kids her age were.

So, I told her to tell the girl "That's your opinion." and then ignore her. Made the girl really mad and she ramped up for a few days. Eventually she realized she wasn't getting a reaction though so she moved on.


One method I think is effective for teaching kids to deal with mean kids is to show them the old saying, “No one can hurt your feelings unless you let them.” It's true, though it can be hard to practice. I think teaching kids that mean comments and snotty behavior isn't a reflection on THEIR character, but the person who is being mean.


I think the first step in handling mean kids is to raise ours to know their worth, their value and have high self confidence in a world that seems to push the idea of bringing people down.

Teach our kids that it's ok not to like someone else but never is it okay to make those people feel less valuable as an individual. I also have taught my kids that mean people are usually missing something inside of their own self, to realize it's not about who they are being mean to


The best defense against mean kids is a strong sense of self and your valule and worth. If we teach our kids to know their self worth then they will know that what the mean kid is saying is not true and they will be better able to stand up for themselves. We also realize that most mean people are wounded people so helping our kids understand that it is not about them but rather about the kid being mean can also help.

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Teaching kids to deal with mean kids
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