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Menstruation after delivery if breastfeeding: when it start

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With Audrey, my cycle had not returned, but I felt myself ovulate and since we had sex the night before I told my husband "we're pregnant with a girl!" It wasn't until 2.5 weeks later that I got a positive pregnancy test and was able to prove myself partially right... and then a few months later I proved myself ALL the way right ;)

With Hayden, my cycle had not returned, and since Audrey was well over a year I was testing every 2 weeks as we weren't preventing and weren't necessarily trying either.


I've been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 5 years.. The only time I had a period between kids was when hormonal birth control was making me have a period-and then it was a constant drip for two months. Without the help of hormones, I don't have a period between. My boy was 12 month when got pregnant with my middle daughter (no period).


Most breastfeeding women will have their first menstrual period around 12 weeks. Some women will not experience their first period until later though, anytime during the first 12months if they are exclusively breastfeeding. It is normal and common for your period to return anytime between 12 weeks and 12 months.

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Menstruation after delivery if breastfeeding: when it start
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