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When will my menstruation cycle get back to normal after pregnancy?

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It does depend on the person. If you exclusively breastfeed (no bottles, pacifiers) it will usually delay it at least for a few months. If you take contraception, that tells your body when to have your monthly. I haven't had a period (other than chemically induced by the pill) for almost 6 years now save for some spotting and the after baby bleeding. But that's how my body is when I'm nursing. Every woman is different. But just because you don't have your monthly, doesn't mean you are not fertile. Your fertility can return even if you don't have your monthly.


It really depends, every woman is different and if you are breast feeding that can affect it also. Usually it is around 6 weeks or so after delivery if you are not breast feeding. Some women don't have one at all until they stop nursing and some get it every month even while nursing. I got one 6 weeks after even though I was nursing and then I didn't have another one until a month after I stopped breast feeding.

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When will my menstruation cycle get back to normal after pregnancy?
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