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How to not be an evil step mom

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Do not make your step child(ren) your slave. They are people, not your own personal assistant to do the dirty work around the house.

Treat them fairly. If you have biological children of your own, treat all the children the same. Do not show special treatment to your bio kids and treat your step child(ren) differently.

Give them unconditional love. It's not their fault that you're now a step mom, you chose to marry someone who had children, so now you're in that position to be the parent.

Remember that you are not their mother. They will throw that in your face when they are angry, do not take it personally. Don't try to take the place of their mom. Be the adult female role model in the house.

Do things with them. Make them feel wanted and needed. Find out what interests them.

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How to not be an evil step mom
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