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I am spotting: is it a sign of miscarriage

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No not always , you can spot during pregnancy and it doesn't always mean anything bad . If it is early on it can be implantation spotting which can be totally normal . I had spotting at about 11 weeks and was worried I may b miscarrying but I went in and it ended up being nothing . If you are spotting I would give your doctor a call just to be safe and of course if it gets worse go in right away.


I am currently 23 and a half weeks pregnant and I spotted from weeks five through week 12! And I had a miscarriage a month prior so that was super scary! My miscarriage started out with cramping for four days then I took a positive test and then started spotting that night accompanied by cramps. The spotting with this pregnancy was different it was brownish and light but heavy enough to be scary esp after a miscarriage. It ended up being a subchorionic hemmorage some pregnancies have from the egg embedding too roughly into the uterus. I am very glad me and little man made it this time! So far so good so no not all spotting means a miscarriage.


The only non concerning pink I have seen is in my first couple of pregnancies after intercourse. Everything else has been worrisome and ended up being a miscarriage, unfortunately. My spotting has started brown, pink and ended up in bleeding, even hemorrhaging. For me any kind of spotting or bleeding meant I was losing our baby.


I started spotting with my oldest daughter, it was Christmas Eve night. I totally freaked cause I had just had a miscarriage a few months prior. I called the whole family and told them that I wasn't coming Christmas morning and told them why. I cried all night and slept with my feet on a pillow(well set cause I didn't really sleep). I woke up Christmas morning and decided I wasn't going to let that ruin my Christmas on a maybe, what if. So I got up wore my pj's and went to everyone's house and I'm glad I did because I didn't end up miscarring.


Bleeding in pregnancy is super scary but can also be normal. I've had everything from slight spotting to full on gushing bleeding in all of my pregnancies that produced a healthy baby. I had no blood whatsoever in the pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage.


This happened to me with both of my daughters after I had miscarried. I started spotting at about six weeks which is the same time I had both of my miscarriages so I was obviously scared. My doctor put me on a medicine that aids in preventing miscarriages and all was well but I was still paranoid through all my pregnancies that one day I would wake up and have to relive it all over again.

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I am spotting: is it a sign of miscarriage
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