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Mom cusses! Do you have a dirty mouth?

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I do not swear. I do not appreciate the language, and I expect and hope my children do not use it either. This is a Christian household, so we try our best to live a Christ-based life and home style.


Oh boy!...Potty Mouth Jars needed!
I had a bad time saying..IDIOT, JERK, when I was driving...and my son was taught never to use the word shut up, or stupid etc..those were considered mean to say. He was the one that opened my eyes to stop having road rage..even if they couldn't hear me, it was not nice and he was questioning it.

Kids are so sweet it's what they are surrounded by that influence them otherwise.

All I can say is ...your child is a gift, and you are their role model. To teach, protect..obviously you can't put them in a bubble...they will hear it at school or even in the grocery line.

But from their Mommy wouldn't it be sweeter if you blurted out "Fudge", "Shugar", "DoNUT!"...lol


I do have a dirty mouth but when my girls' around I tend to watch what I say. She may start to pick up on it when she's older. I hope to quit it altogether.


I have a mouth of a sailor. it is bad to say the least. My kids pretty much know what is acceptable to say and where they can say certain things. My daughter has slipped a few times and has said the "C" word... Which i let fly a lot but I have made it clear that they are not to use that kind of language and they are very good about it and tend to remind me when my mouth is out riding my ass.


Yes I find myself cussing a lot. I do have a dirty mouth.


I generally do not have a bad mouth... but sometimes things can slip when I am completely irritated at a situation or something. i wish I could always curb my words but sometimes they just slip out.

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Mom cusses! Do you have a dirty mouth?
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