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Mom, how to ease sore nipples

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Lanolin cream can help as well as steeped tea bags . also make sure baby is latching on correctly .


One thing that can help is to make sure the baby is latched on correctly. When you are finished, break the baby's suction before you unlatch them. Putting Lanolin cream from Walmart works great also, and another thing you can do is to rub some breastmilk on your nipples when you finish feeding.


If you have sore nipples you can use Medela Tendercare Lanolin Nipple Cream, or try to contact a lactation consultant for help as soon as possible. She can help diagnose the cause of the pain and can work in conjunction with other healthcare providers if necessary to come up with a treatment plan that works for you. Also try to use a pump and bottle to relieve the pain temporarily. Try a cold compress or soothing gel pads.

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Mom, how to ease sore nipples
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