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Moms, do boys really have more energy than girls

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my kids all seem to be the same with their energy:) but they have diffrent ways of being energetic(:


My girls were very energetic and active and my boys were/are too but it seemed in a different way but I cannot think of how to explain it so it makes sense! My boys have been more destructive than our girls. Their play can end up in beds being broken, toys being broken, the house being broken in some way....so I guess they are rougher.


I do not think my son had or has more energy than my daughter. In fact, I think my daughter has more energy than him. I would go so far as to say that this statement isn't only not true but denies that each child is different. I think the energy level of a child can be based on a few things, one of which is their personality type.

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Moms, do boys really have more energy than girls
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