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Moms, what do you dream of going back to college for

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I would love to go back to college for psychology.

When I have spare time, I love researching psychology online in experience forums, psychology research journals that are published online, and many other sources.

If I didn't go to school for psychology, I would want to go for theoretical physics.

I enjoy math and the Universe and the endless possibilities therein.


Well I'm not quite in college yet still in high school. But I've came down to two decisions that when I got to college I want to pursue.

Psychology really interests me, I study into mental illnesses and mental disorders or something really similar to that. As for nursing, I'd want to be a neonatal nurse.

My dream is to work with the sickly whether that be mental sick or psychically.

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Moms, what do you dream of going back to college for
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