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Moms, how do you feel about getting drunk with kids at home

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not ok. If you want to get drunk, get a babysitter where they can spend the night.


As a Christian mom I'd say no. You had your younger years to have fun if you wanted to. Or, if you are like me, who got married at 19 and gave birth at 20 it was time to grow up. Once you have children its time to grow up. I'd never send my kids away to get drunk. My husband and I will occasionally have a drink on our anniversary but that's it.


i dont get drunk around my children, i will have a beer or 2 while their around to relax(: now if my kids are spending the night with my babysitter, i make them(babysitter) clear of my plans, my kids will stay at their home, and i will pick them up in the morning after a night of over drinking and dancing.


No. No. No. Irresponsible in my opinion. Anything could happen and you'd regret it. I also think it sets a bad example for your children and could provide your children with very bad and scary memories.

I don't drink and never will.


There is nothing wrong with exploring your fun and youthful side. Mothers are multifaceted, meaning we play various roles that create who we are at heart. Being drunk is not the safest way to go b/c life is more dangerous even when out with girlfriends for a night out on the town. It has become imperative to maintain as much control as you possibly can through monitoring how much alcohol you consume in public places.


I'm NOT 21.. and I STILL want to go out and get drunk and have a messy blast some times.. I think that the idea of it all is so much better than actually doing it and it's really just your body and mind craving time to yourself ... being a mom is SO much... that you are seeking a momentary escape from it all.. to say F it and just go crazy.

You CAN have both though.. in moderation...

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Moms, how do you feel about getting drunk with kids at home
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