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Moms like young babies more than big kids, true or false?

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I think most of the time, it seems like moms like their little ones better, because we have to pay more attention to them! Believe me, I adore my little bugs, but sometimes, I can't wait for them to be older like their brothers......at least then I can stop worrying about them trying to climb on top of the stove!


For me I would rather have big kids. Im not into the whole baby thing..although I have three and love them dearly I am so glad they are big kids now!


For me it differs at times. I love having an older child and a baby don't get me wrong. I tend to favor the older one because she's more independent than the 9 month old. The younger one more requires more attention and I love it except not when I'm having a bad day. For ex. I can tell the older one to play by herself or watch TV as to where the younger I have to watch her 24/7 but that's what a mother does!

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Moms like young babies more than big kids, true or false?
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