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Where can I find moms meetups in my area?

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Moms.com also has the functionality to find Moms in your area - might be a great way to plan a meetup, and you can get to know each other online before actually meeting up :) If you just click the green magnifying glass on the left you can find moms in your area


Meetups. It is nationwide and super easy to use. You select your area, and then choose what kind of group you want to join. Whether it's a cooking group, a running group, a mom and baby group, a Christian group, the options are endless! I met a lot of great moms this past year through Meetup and we went on hikes, had playdates, and even volunteered together in the community. It's definitely worth checking out when you get a chance!

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Where can I find moms meetups in my area?
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