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Moms, what would you name your next baby?

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If it's a girl, I like Emma Faith or Emma Katelyn

If it's a boy, I like Joshua Nicholas or Joshua Cole


Well I am all done having babies but if I wasn't we would name a baby girl Gracie Elizabeth . We had that name picked out the last 3 times I was pregnant and it is my favorite . For a boy , that is a little harder . I love the names Caleb and Jacob but those are ones my husband didn't really like . Conner and Cameron were ones we both liked but we would probably choose biblical name .


Evangeline Noel

Nolan Lawerance

Aaron Michael

Aidenn Kyler


I've always been partial to Caroline Joy. We didn't use it because a family in our old church used it but now we don't have much contact with them so I'd probably use it. It's after my good friend's from high school's mom, who was like a second mom to me.


My fiance is hoping we have a boy next. Few names we like so far...

Andrew, Caden, Flynn, Fredrick, Gauge, Owen, Max & Wyatt

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Moms, what would you name your next baby?
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