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Moms, how do you supplement your income?

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I work at home selling high end cosmetics and skincare! The company has a great comp plan but my favorite thing to do is visit with other presenters....kind of my way to escape the same old thing at home...I don't get a lot or any positive encouragement from my husband with it but it makes me feel happy and I'm earning money and free products so I don't have to fork over a lot of money.


I took a fun part-time job working for Broadway,Nederlander's I get to meet so many interesting people and it's so much fun!!


I'm an Independent Sales Representative for Avon.... I love what I do and love meeting new people who loves Avon products.


I have a business I work from home.


My work at home business helps us out tremendously!


I have some extra job to do baking cakes/cookies and cutting elders hair. It helps a lot. We only spend money for our basic needs. My children are grown ups and each has his/her own job.


I did mystery shops for a while but being out doing shops my housework suffered = a lot of stress added to my life. It took a long time to find something that works for me and my

family. I ended up being a consultant at a company called Pure Romance.

So I do home parties and internet sales.


I struggle with finances but one thing that I try to do is sell things. For instance, when my daughter outgrows her clothes, I sell them to the resale shop and get a credit.

I also will declutter and sell things on either a Facebook group on Craigslist. As a blogger I also make money writing and spend a good amount of time online earning what I can for my kids.


Well Ashton is a surgeon in his last few months of Internship so we are covered financially but I still make and sell/give away crocheted yarn baby blankets through our church.

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Moms, how do you supplement your income?
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