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Moms, do you wear thong shoes/ flipflops

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I absolutely hate flip flops and never ever wear them lol. Only types of shows I ever wear are wedges or flats when it's nice out and then i have a couple pairs of wedges that are boots I wear in the winter. I never where flip flops or any kind of thong sandals, I also never wear sneakers or high heels as I hate them too. If im in the house I am barefoot unless its winter than I wear socks. I always wear shoes if outside, even in my own yard.


At home I wear nothing. In public it's always flip flops and sandals! I never ever wear shoes unless absolutely necessary which is almost never.


I go barefoot around my home or yard. I am originally a Cali girl so I love my flip flops and sandals. I also have some high heels but prefer flip flops or bare feet since I don't like wearing shoes. Maybe it's the Indian in me? Haha


I am from Cali so I either like bare feet or sandals. I do like high heels, occasionally but I prefer bare feet.


Both I need variety, live in a hot climate.


I live in them in the spring and summer . I really shouldn't though , after breaking my foot I am supposed to wear good supportive shoes but who want to where socks and shoes when it is hot outside !!! I do wear Sketchers flip-flops though because they are actually more substantial and better for my feet even though they are expensive it is worth it so I can wear them and not hot shoes !!


I can't stand thong sandals, having something in between my toes bugs me. I wear sandals with the straps over my feet, or nice hiking shoes or my tennis shoes. I have a few different kinds for every activity I have planned for that day.

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Moms, do you wear thong shoes/ flipflops
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