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Moms, what is a healthy diet for weight loss?

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With Leilani I gained about 15 pounds total. After her delivery it was hard to loose the baby weight. I drank water and put a Hydroxycut drink mix inside it. It made me not hungry an my weight came off within 2 weeks. But after I was all revore I worked out lie crazy which made the weight loss quicker. After I lost all the weight I still drank them though just to maintain a healthy weight. I would highly reccomend Hydroxycut to people, it did wonders for me.


I have been on different diets. And i walk regularly because i dont have a car. I walk everywhere. However, i am overweight. I have had four children. And after the first three, i was always able to lose my pregnancy weight and be right back to my normal size. But the pregnancy with my fourth child i had complications with. I ended up having gestational diabetes and was put on a very strict diet. I had to portion out what i ate. I had to check my blood sugar all the time and record everything. But now my fourth child is starting kindergarten and im still struggling to get the weight off. Im so lost on what to do about my weight. I accept any and all advice, if you have any. Please let me know. I dont want to have health problems because of weight. Please help.


I'm often told to eat in moderate but in a small portion throughout the day

and execrise regularly. Take a 30 minutes walk around your neighborhood. You can see the change of your weight loss in about 3 months.

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Moms, what is a healthy diet for weight loss?
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