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What are the best moms training classes?

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We took a class with our first, but we were also 16 and 17 at the time. It included a tour of the hospital (but we ended up not delivering at that one, of course!). If you can find one that focuses on the type of birth you want to experience (so say you want to do hypnobirthing, find a hypnobirthing-specific class). If you plan to breastfeed, call a lactation consultant and see if you can meet with her ESPECIALLY if she works at the hopsital you'll deliver at. That way, she can start educating you now, help you with what to have on hand (like lanolin and breastpads).


I did a birthing class at our hospital. Im glad we did, especially since it was our first time. It was a one day 4 hour class. It was a lot of information I kind of already knew but some details I learned and made me feel more familiar and comfortable with the hospital and what all could happen since not all births go as planned. Im glad we took it and felt like it was worth it

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What are the best moms training classes?
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