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Moms, what do you wear on an average day?

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I'm a Capri and tank top type of woman! I like to feel comfortable as possible


jeans, simple top and boots or wedges.


I usually wear jeans or yoga pants, a tee, a cardigan, and flipflops. Lol. Unless I'm going somewhere other than khols or target.


I wear a pair of jeggings a t-shirt on special occasions i wear a dress and heels or flats.


Mostly yoga type pants and t-shirts when I am at home. I will throw on a pair of jeans if I am going out somewhere but that is about as fancy as I get! LOl I am always covered with baby ick and now puppy ick!


Anything comfortable


Anything that fits!!!


The norm for me is yoga pants, long, flowing skirts, or dresses with or without leggings, depending on the length. They are very comfortable. My style has changed as I've grown older. My tops are never low cut, either. I like to dress modest.


I wear dresses and skirts 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time I wear workout clothes to exercise, jeans and shirts if its cold outside. Living in Florida you tend to wear dresses most of the year. I don't like wearing tennis shoes and prefer sandals all year round. I worked in a laid back recruiting firm and most people would come to work with sandals and shorts.

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Moms, what do you wear on an average day?
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