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Moms, what is your favorite aspect of yoga?

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I love how relaxing it is and how it makes me feel afterward.

Not only when I'm actually doing the yoga, which the focus on the breath makes me feel great at the time... But when I do yoga regularly, I tend to breathe more deeply throughout my regular day which helps keep stress at bay.


I have been doing yoga for years, and it is so peaceful and relaxing. I still did it while I was pregnant, and when I was in labor, it helped me breathe easier. Now my son joins me while doing yoga. He is so cute while doing some of the poses. He giggles when I do down dog :)


hen you begin yoga you start by gentle movements, the physical aspect where we become aware of our body and where our stress and tension is. Mental part of yoga, concentration and relaxation is definitely something in which we all require. Meditation helps get in the mind set. Spiritual aspect is your feelings, attitude and motivation behind every thought.


it. I really enjoy doing the sun salutations and triangle poses. I've done them so many times I don't even have to think about how to do them. They just flow. It really lets me clear my mind and get into a calmer state of mind. In college I would practice yoga in my dorm room with the lights off and a candle burning.

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Moms, what is your favorite aspect of yoga?
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