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How to get your 3 month old on a schedule

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Since this is MY expertise bit.. I have to say.. that we let our baby lead the way when it came to a schedule.. some Moms swear by setting their own schedule, and that's totally fine too! But we preferred to let Monroe lead the way.. some examples of this were feeding when he's hungry, not just at a certain time, noting when he gets sleepy for nap times and trying to lay him down.. also noticing when he gets sleepy for bedtime too. That all being said, we do have a ROUTINE, just not a set schedule. Oddly, until you have a baby, it's hard to understand that difference :) For instance.. we have a bathtime/bottle/bedtiem routine around here, but it doesn't always happen the exact same time each night.. it's close and approximate each time.. but babies aren't always on time ;) My advice is to relax and let them lead the way!

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How to get your 3 month old on a schedule
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