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Looking for a good travel system for my baby?

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I don't know what the best system is, but I love mine.


It's really easy to open and close the stroller and the car seat base was easy to install. It's just a simple one hand lever pull to unlatch and take the baby seat out of the car, and the same for snapping it onto the stroller.

The baby seat part also can be rocked, so it's come in handy so many times soothing my baby when he won't stop crying.

The price is pretty reasonable for what you get too which is great.


I love love love the travel systems!!! I really wish they would've been out on the market when my first 2 children were born! They're SO convenient, and they save lots of money too versus buying everything seperately.

Plus, they last longer

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Looking for a good travel system for my baby?
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