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Mucus plug vs discharge vs water breaking

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Normal Vaginal Discharge:
- Clear or whitish in color
- No odor or mild odor
-Thin mucus or watery

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge:
- Foul odor
- Itching or burning
- Blood
- Pus
- Green or yellow
- Call your doctor for any signs of infection.

Mucus Plug:
- May come out in pieces or whole
- May be be yellowish, brownish or blood tinged
- Can come out weeks before labor or not until labor has already begun
-Is usually stringy, think mucus

Water Breaking:
- A trickle or a gush
- Clear, odorless fluid
- If you water breaks note the time, amount and color and call your doctor or go to the hospital.

Not sure if you peed yourself or your water broke? Smell it! Your water will not smell like urine.

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Mucus plug vs discharge vs water breaking
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