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Bonding: Love for your child

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I love bonding with my daughter Autumn Lily! My only daughter. We have a special relationship. Bonding everyday with her is priceless. Ways we bond together.
1) I am her only friend, so we do everything together. From talking, cooking, shopping.
2) I am there when she falls.
3) She has a nickname "Lily bug"
4) Hugs and tickles.
5) Being silly.
6) I create little rituals, from mickey mouse pancakes to a song at bedtime I made up called "Autumn Lily was born in the fall".


Every child is unique in their special way. There are some ways you can embrace their uniqueness.For instance, Zion loves to draw, his teachers says so at the school. So what I want to do with him is to encourage his artistic skills. I have papers and crayons lay out on the table when he comes home.


From the moment I got pregnant til the moment I gave birth, I was in love. The moment I first held my girls, I found my reason for life and I've never had so much love for another person. Each child is unique and that's the fun part about being a parent; it's to watch them grow and to find that uniqueness about them.


Use love and hugs bring them back to following through with your rule. :-)And dropping the punishment mid-discipline is OKAY, just be clear with them that you're dropping the punishment and why. "Just because I love you and I think you've had about all you can handle" is a perfect reason.

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Bonding: Love for your child
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